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VRMP (Very Radio Much Play) was founded in March of 2016 and is made up of three creative directors and over twenty cast, crew and writers that have put together an original episodic radio theatre play in Toronto, Ontario. Each monthly episode is recorded and performed in front of a live studio audience at the Social Capital Theatre on the Danforth and released as a podcast two weeks later.


Stephanie Cooke

Producer, writer, actor, Stephanie is the whole package! The mastermind behind VRMP, Stephanie is the creative engine that runs Very Radio Much Play as well as the head writer on the team. Stephanie runs Rogues Portal and a few other podcasts like The Missfits and Comicsbound.

Lily Mills

Lily is a producer/stage manager extraordinaire! She can literally make anything and everything happen and she holds this whole show together with her own two hands! Lily has worked on a number of FRINGE plays and knows the answers to most trivia questions. She’s also an organizer for the annual Podcamp event in Toronto.

Emily Milling

Emily is a producer singer, songwriter and accordion player in the VRMP band although she wears many musical hats. She just happened to be the one with the accordion and it sounded cool. Emily writes music for films and produces/edits a number of podcasts. She resides in Toronto with her partner and plethora of musical instruments.


“A completely novel, seat edge cupping, laugh inducing, thought provoking win of an evening. 5 stars, would listen again.” – Heather Aitken, live show attendee

“Off to an amazing start! Only one episode in and i’m already dreading the end of the run! One note: This is recorded in front of an audience though you’d be hard pressed to tell, it sounds fantastic!” – Fiver, iTunes review



  • March – Concept developed, company founded.
  • May – First writing group session, The Five People In Hell is determined as the story line for season one.
  • August 31 – Episode one performed at The Social Capital Theatre.
  • September 15 – Episode one released as a podcast



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VRMP: Live Performance

VRMP Live Performance








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For alternative formats please contact Emily Milling.