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VRMP Presents: The 5 People You Meet in Hell, Episode 6

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The 5 People You Meet In Hell: E6

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13438938_1137732169620090_3893430641082305450_nIn the final episode, we find out why Dave was REALLY sent to hell. Is he really not such a bad guy after all? Does he really actually want to be a good guy? Or is he just a giant jerk like we suspected all along? Find out now on the final episode of Season 1 – VRMP’s The Five People You Meet in Hell! Muahahahahha!

The 5 People You Meet In Hell is a 6-episode series.


VRMP is a non-profit production company co-founded and produced by Stephanie Cooke, Emily Milling, and Lily Mills.

VRMP: The 5 People You Meet in Hell is made possible by the donations and support of people like you. Please visit vrmp.ca/donate to help keep our show a reality.

This episode was stage managed by Lily Mills.

Script by Stephanie Cooke

Additional writing support by Billy Seguire, Jenn Walker, Craig Webster, Sunny Hope, Joey Matthews, Nikki Alfaro, Alice Quinn, Diana McCallum, Brandy Dawley, James Cooper and Hafsa Alk

Voices by Steve Shanahan, Adelina Pipher, Brad O’Donnell, Pam Pilkington, Craig Webster, Emily Milling, Brandy Dawley and April Etmanski

Commercials by Andrew Dmytrasz and Justin Decloux with voices by Emily Milling and Justin Decloux

Music by Emily Milling, Jenny Tang and Steven Speers

Live Sound mixing and effects by Lily Mills

Podcast production and editing by Emily Milling

Special thanks to Andrew Dmytrasz

Additional voices in VRMP’s The Five People You Meet in Hell by Matthew Jenkins, Eric Houston and Richard Chuang and Chloe Grace Little.


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