Very Radio Much Play

Welcome to the online home of VRMP Radio.

What is VRMP?

PrintWe’re a passionate group of creatives that have put together an original radio theatre play that we are performing live and releasing as a podcast. We are comprised of individuals with varying levels of experience in theatre, podcasting, voice acting, comedy, writing and more.

Our first season will be performed live each month and will be available to listen to as a podcast following each event. Each episode will be performed live on the last Thursday of every month starting on August 31, 2016. Aside from the main story, which will be broken down into six episodes, we will have fun, fake trailers and commercials to enjoy. There will be live music, stand-up comedy and other entertainment accompanying the performance to make for a great evening of fun for all attendees.

Only the main story feature will be recorded for the podcast. The rest is a bonus to those who join us for the live performance.


Our debut episode will be performed live on August 31, 2016, come check it out!

Want to join us? Drop us a line!

Production Team